Authorised Debt Management Company in the UK


Debt-UKMerge your debts into one affordable monthly payment and you could reduce your bills by up to 70%. It’s quite simply the easiest and least worrying way to manage your debts. A Debt Management Plan is an informal arrangement which can be set up with your creditors, to ease the pressure on your mounting credit commitments. This programme is the easiest and most popular debt solution in the UK market today. The plan itself is a flexible arrangement which allows you to pay your debts back without taking any further credit. This would consolidate all your unsecured credit commitments into one monthly payment based on what you can afford, which would then be distributed between your creditors under new arrangements. Importantly, we would negotiate for all interest and charges to be completely stopped and frozen. Example Mrs Barrow owed £7,000 to several different credit companies. Her credit commitments totalled to £311 per calendar month. After undertaking an assessment, it was established that her affordability was only £150 per calendar month. Upon negotiations with her creditors we were able to reduce her monthly payment to the affordable amount worked out, as well as, stopping and freezing the interest.

Different types of debts

What debts can we deal with?

  • Loans (having made at least two payments)
  • Overdrafts (as long as the client is no longer banking with them)
  • Credit Cards
  • Store Cards
  • Solicitor Fees (if no longer acting)
  • Vets/Doctors/Dentist fees (if no longer using service)
  • HP Shortfall (If client does not have the car)
  • Previous landlord rent
  • Disconnected utility bills (from previous property)
  • Disconnected mobile phone bills
  • If subject to county court judgement (CCJ) we can deal

What debts we cannot deal with?

  • Secured loans
  • Anything related to the Inland Revenue (can deal on IVA ™S)
  • Council Tax current year
  • Currently running hire purchase agreements
  • Magistrate court fines
  • Parking fines
  • Driving related fines
  • Current rent arrears
  • Current utility bills
  • Debts in anyone else’s name
  • Loans with guarantor
  • New loans (made none or one payment)
  • Current mobile phones
  • Accounts with Bright House, Crazy George and Log Book Loans
  • Department of work and pensions
  • Overpaid council rent, benefits and social loan



Fair and open way of sharing payments that is widely understood and expected by creditors. Your credit rating may be affected, if you are fully up to date with payments.
The Capital Source Finance debt management team will help you prepare your plan, including agreeing the level of your household and personal spending based on guidelines. Creditors could still take enforcement action against you, for example county court judgment and a charging order.
The plan may be able to stop further action, depending on the stage it has reached. If payments are regularly missed or late, creditors could begin contacting you once more.
You may be able to vary your payments if your circumstances change. You remain liable to pay your debts until they are paid in full.
You make a payment each week, fortnight or month to the Capital Source Finance management team. Depending on your preference. Interest and charges may be applied again later on in the plan.
Monthly payments will be passed to the creditors within 5 working days. A plan may last for several years.
Creditors may be prepared to write off the balance of what you owe after a period of time. Capital Source Finance management team can’t force creditors to accept your proposal or freeze interest. A plan is not binding and creditors can refuse it.

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