Getting Out of Debt Glossary


Here you can find further information on terms that you come across on this website with regards to getting out of debt that you may not of heard of before. It is vital that if you want to get out of debt effectively you fully understand the lingo associated with the topic. Here’s a quick guide to help you:

APR to Balance

APR, ATM, Account, Arrears, Arrestment, Assests, Balance

Bank Charges to Cheques

Bank Charges, Bankruptcy, Base Rate, Benefits, Binding, Budget, Charge Cards, Cheques.

Cheque Cashers to Debit

Cheque Cashers, Conditional Sale, Consolidation Loan, County Court Judgement, Credit, Credit Card, Credit Licensing, Credit Rating, Creditor, Current Account, Debit.

Fixed Rate to Interest

Fixed Rate, Gross Earnings, Hire Purchase, Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA), Inflation, Insolvency, Interest.

Debit Card to FSA

Debit Card, Debt, Debt Collectors, Debt Management Company, Debt Management Plan, Debt Relief Order, Deductions from Earnings Order, Earnings, Endowment Mortgage, Equity, Financial Ombudsman Service, Financial Services Authority (FSA).

Interest Only Mortgages to Non Secured Loans

Interest only mortgages, Loan, Loan Sharks, Mortgage, Means Higher Hearing, Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance, Net Earnings, Non Secured Loans.

Non Priority Debts to Pension

Non Priority Debts, Occupational Pension, Overdraft, Pawnbrokers, Payment Protection Insurance (PPI), Pension.

Personal Loan to Redemption Charge

Personal Loan, Personal Pension, PIN, Post Office Card Account, Priority, Pro Rata Offers, Professional Career Development Loans, Redemption Charge.

Repayment Mortgage to Student Loan

Repayment Mortgage, Salary, Secured Loan, Shared Ownership, Shortfall, Small Claims Court, Standing Order, State Retirement Pension, Student Loan

Sub Prime Member to Writing Off a Debt

Sub Prime Lender, Summons, Tax Code, Trading Cheques and Vouchers, Trust Deeds, Variable Interest, Writing Off De